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OK, initially, this item was not intended to be sold online, together with other items in Chic Anggun. But somehow, realising the needs to take proper care of your tudungs, especially the ones from the EMPRESS range, I thought of sharing this one product with you.

Korang tau la kan, kalau tudung yang ber’awning’ tu, susah nak simpan. Dahla nak basuh pun susah, nak simpan dalam laci pulak tak boleh lipat. So, what is the best method for storage untuk tudung jenis camtu...

Well, I believe this one product could be helpful. Available in 4 variant colours, this
TUDUNG HANGER can be yours for only RM30 (market price : RM35). Convenient & Practical is the keyword. Check it out peeps!

Available colours :
Hanger 1 – Orange + Pink (*Yana, Mar & Ain)
Hanger 2 – Green + Yellow (*Nor)
Hanger 3 – Blue + Yellow (*Eyta, *Nor)
Hanger 4 – Orange + Yellow (*Sai, *Hanisah)

Cun kan? So kalau berminat, please place an order. FYI, this product is available upon request only. So, place your order now! ^_^

**Note : Just in case the chosen colour is unavailable at time of purchase, please state your 2nd or 3rd option of colour, whichever applicable. Takut-takut xde stok lak kan.. TQ!

Hangers are OUT OF STOCK at the moment. New stocks will be back in store AFTER CHINESE NEW YEAR with more selection of colours!! Do check it out, ok loves? ^_^

Info :
Q : The hangers are made of what?

A : METAL. Yup, besi kukuh yang dilentur dan dibaluti tali berwarna. Tough & Reliable. Each one of them weighs approximately 0.45 kg. Plus, masih sukar diperolehi di pasaran.

Q : Will the item & colour be available in stock at all time?

A : Upon request only. We have limited ready stock. So first come, first serve basis. Plus, the colours are not necessarily be available at all times. That's why we want you to state your 2nd or 3rd option of colours.

Orange + Pink