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Check out our special deals & exclusive designs on shawls, tudungs & fabrics.
Multiple selection of HIGH QUALITY items with AFFORDABLE prices.
Find any interesting ones, grab them before someone else does.
And most importantly, items from Chic Anggun Kollection are hand-picked with heartfelt L.O.V.E :)
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After browsing through Chic Anggun Kollection, you've discovered a few cool stuff that you'd like to have. So what next? Obviously you'd straight away purchase it from us. Besides, our first come, first serve basis might turn you "puteh mata" if someone else grab it firsthand than you do.

BUT.. pay-day is a few days away. Poket pun dah kosong.. Nak buat macam mane ni??

Lucky you, Chic Anggun allows customers to book for item they'd like to purchase in times of "financial turmoil" (I've had a few of THAT experience, believe me :P). Therefore, you are most welcome to make bookings for item(s) that you'd like to purchase.

Item(s) that you WANT & WILL PURCHASE.
Booking is only allowed for those SERIOUS BUYER only.

Here's how it can be done :

1) Browse through all products from Chic Anggun Kollection.

2) Fill in Order Form.

3) Write you message in the "Order" box. Example :

4) Your booking will be processed as soon as possible & we will send to you the total billing inclusive of postage fee (if applicable).

5) Booking is allowed for only 3 Days. If you need more than 3 days of booking, please email us for further details.

6) DEPOSIT is required. The amount of deposit depends on the amount of purchase which will be notified via email.

7) Now that you're done, we'll be expecting full remittance of payment within the stated period of time. As explained earlier, confirmed booking means you are READY TO BUY.

**Order form can be found at top of page.

For any enquiry, feel free to contact us.