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Presenting you the faces of the HOT BABES up for grabs! Ooops, kidding. These beauties are not up for grabs, ok. They are actually Chic Anggun customers..*wink* (though some of them are still single & AVAILABLE.. hehe)

This page is actually dedicated to convey our gratitude towards the ladies who believe in Chic Anggun. Thank you so much for your support fellas!

Therefore, to the existing & future customers out there, you too, are most welcome to submit your photo in any of the Chic Anggun Kollection items. Jangan malu, jangan segan, let's share the joy! Email sahaja gambar-gambar anda memakai barangan yang dibeli daripada Chic Anggun.

So, ape tunggu lagi, mari kita lihat wajah-wajah yang Chic & Anggun tu.. XOXO

Kalau nak gayakan mcm ni pun boleh.. Pakai anak tudung yang ber"awning". Anggun gitu.. :)

Yang ni model sukarela.. hehe.. FYI, the kebaya she's wearing was initially from one of Chic Anggun Kollection (similarly with Catalina). Cantek kan? Yg kain tu, bleh dibli. Tapi kalau tuan punye badan, kene tanye laa.. ^_^