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BEBE DOREEN is in loves!!

Our second batch of Syria Inner (Anak Tudung Syria), sister of BEBE Dolly .

With various colours AVAILABLE this time around, our BEBE Doreen is made of COMFORTABLE COTTON. Amat selesa untuk dipakai dan serap peluh.
Cotton = comfort, definitely!

Terdapat 19 variasi warna, Anak Tudung Syria ini boleh didapati dengan harga RM10 sahaja.

As usual, siapa cepat dia dapat!

Happy shopping, loves! ^_^



BEBE Doreen
Material : Comfy Cotton
Price : RM10

1. Teal Blue - SOLD to Suhaila, SOLD
2. Cream - SOLD to Rafidah, SOLD to Mawar
3. Hot Pink - SOLD to Dila, SOLD to Suhaila
4. Baby Pink - SOLD to Dila, SOLD to Rafidah
5. Lime Green - SOLD to Dila, SOLD to Mawar
6. Mocha - SOLD to Rafidah, SOLD
7. Rusty Orange - SOLD to Dila, SOLD to Rafidah
8. Purple - SOLD to Dila, SOLD
9. Lavender - SOLD to Rafidah, SOLD to Ita

1. Choco - SOLD to Manie, SOLD to Mia
2. Grey - SOLD to Mia, SOLD to Zara
3. Yellow - SOLD to Mia, SOLD to Nina

4. Dark Blue - SOLD to Manie, SOLD
5. Lilac - SOLD to Mawar, SOLD
6. Milky White - SOLD to Jiha, SOLD to Puteh
7. Chilli Red - SOLD to Mira, SOLD to Jiha
8. Baby Blue - SOLD to Mawar, SOLD to Nana
9. Aqua Blue - Available, Available
10. Off White - Available, Available